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Welcome to THE VILLAGE! Whisk(e)y Trade Fair in Nuremberg

The Whisk(e)y Trade Fair THE VILLAGE is taking place on 3rd and 4th of March 2018 in Nuremberg. About 80 importers and distilleries present more than 2,000 whisk(e)ys. THE VILLAGE is the meeting point of the European whisk(e)y-scene.

Nuremberg –The flavour of whisk(e)y is determined by various influencing factors: the quality and processing of the barley, the source and hardness of the water, the distilling process, the barrel used, the storage and above all time play a large part in the development of the flavour, the finish of the whisk(e)y. Just as the components and production of the whisk(e)y determine its flavour, in the same way the flair of an event is influenced by various factors.

The Nuremberg Whisk(e)y Trade Fair, THE VILLAGE, is characterized by its wide assortment and authentic ambience. Not only is it one of the largest whisk(e)y trade fairs of its kind in Europe, but also the congenial meeting place of the European whisk(e)y scene. Approximately 80 importers and distilleries cover the spirits range with more than 2,000 whisk(e)y sorts and bring along the stories and people involved with the individual whisk(e)y sorts to the trade fair.

The scene meets in Nuremberg!

Ambassadors, Masters and Keepers of the Quaich, experts, distributors, restaurant proprietors, barkeepers and passionate fans of the liquid sunlight come to Nuremberg, the secret whisk(e)y stronghold of Germany. Visitors can explore the world of whisk(e)y, not least through the basic seminars and master classes in which there contemporary fillings and rare sorts.

Although THE VILLAGE is primarily all about whisk(e)y, there are also a number of other things to discover: the setting of a British village with a market place, live music daily and typical British-Irish food make THE VILLAGE an event to be experienced. Corresponding products such as lifestyle articles, fashion and accessories as well as hand-tailored tweed clothing and kilts transport the British-Irish lifestyle to Nuremberg and round off the charm of THE VILLAGE.

The whole world of whisk(e)y

The scene meets for two days every spring at the Whisk(e)y Trade Fair in Nuremberg, whereby the evening beforehand with the exclusive pre-opening is the actual highlight of the trade fair.

Connoisseurs have the opportunity of acquiring a few rare sorts in advance and immersing themselves in the atmospheric ambience of the Whisk(e)y Trade Fair in Nuremberg before it officially begins.

THE VILLAGE has taken place every year since 2013 in the Nuremberg exhibition centre and is part of the trade fair “Freizeit, Touristik & Garten” in Nuremberg (around 100,000 visitors), which extends the visitor potential of the Whisk(e)y Trade Fair. Whereby most of the approximately 16,880 visitors to the Whisk(e)y Trade Fair are genuine fans, connoisseurs and experts who come to THE VILLAGE from all over the world.

Find out more about the Whisk(e)y Trade Fair in Nuremberg, THE VILLAGE! 




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